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Kid Corner: 6 Fun Outdoor Fall Activities

Sometimes cooler weather and the promise of frost causes us to shut ourselves away in our homes, glued to the TV as we wait for spring to return again. But just because the air is cooler doesn’t mean the fun stops! Take a look at some of these fun activities you and your children can do together to make sure this fall is packed with adventures!

1. Go Apple Picking. This oldie but goodie is a must during the fall months. Find a local apple orchard near you and plan a day for picking apples, drinking apple cider, and maybe even treating the kids to some caramel apples!          
Tip: apple orchards on sunny fall days make the perfect backdrop for some family photos. Snap some cute pictures of your little ones trying to reach the highest apple they can or bite into a sweet and healthy treat!

2. Rake the Leaves. One of the cheapest ways to enjoy fall is right outside your front door! Find some small rakes for your little tykes so they can help gather those fallen leaves into a nice, big pile. Once all your leaves are gathered, you can jump in the pile, or even start collecting different leaves for an identification book. It’s the perfect way to spend time outdoors while also learning more about nature.  

3. Wander around a Corn Maze. A great outdoor activity is getting lost in a corn maze. You can usually find one at a local pumpkin patch, apple orchard, or farm! Kids will get some physical activity as they run up and down the aisles of the maze, and as an added bonus, they’ll exercise their minds by testing their memory to see which direction to turn next. Turn it into a race to see who can solve the maze first!  

4. Attend a Fall Festival. Festivals are great this time of year because there’s usually a ton of activities set up all around the grounds. Pumpkin carving, hay rides, stands to buy sweets, like candy apples and kettle corn, perhaps even a few carnival rides and activities. 

5. Have a Backyard Campfire. Another fun thing to do outside this time of year is sit by a backyard bonfire! Grab some marshmallows, your favorite chocolate bar, and some graham crackers to make a delectable s’more. Or, if you’re starting the bonfire early, put some hot dogs on skewers and let your kids cook their own dinner! Just make sure to buy skewers that are pretty long so hands don’t get too close to the fire.

6. Go to a Drive-In. Many drive-ins will remain open into the fall months for the best outdoor viewing experience. It’s not too hot, bugs are minimal, and you can snuggle up under the stars. Grab your kid’s favorite pillows and blankets, bring some snacks (or grab some popcorn at the concessions stand) and enjoy a back-to-back feature while sitting outside. If there’s no local drive-in near you, make your own! Hang a bedsheet between some trees, use a projector, and invite the kids in the neighborhood to a free movie at your place.

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